Dr Bernard Beldholm, FRACS, FACCS, M.B.B.S, B.SC (Med)

Dr Bernard Beldholm Black and White

“I enjoy spending time with my patients and helping them achieve their goals.”

Dr Bernard Beldholm

With 12 years as a FRACS surgeon in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, Dr Beldholm is passionate about helping women through breast augmentation and body contouring procedures. Having performed more than 10,000 operations, he offers the skills of a specialist surgeon. Dr Beldholm stays at the cusp of medical technology to perform every breast augmentation with safety & ethics in mind. Patients across the greater Hunter Valley area and beyond have turned to him to deliver world-class results and exceptional patient care over the years. Always excited to share the latest innovations in breast surgery and body shaping procedures, his YouTube channel has gained more than 10,000 subscribers. With multiple TV guest appearances and scientific journal submissions, his goal is to inform patients about their breast surgery options so they can make an educated decision of whether to have surgery.

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