Breast Augmentation Pricing

We believe in transparent pricing. This avoids surprises and helps our patients prepare financially for surgery.

The total cost of breast augmentation starts at $8,990+. Most patients pay between $8990 to $10,490, although this is not set in stone. The final cost varies from person to person as breast augmentation is a customised procedure.

All patients are assessed individually by Dr Beldholm, a specialist surgeon that has performed more than 10,000 surgical procedures over the last 12+ years.

Your surgery will take place in a fully accredited hospital under general anaesthesia. Breast augmentation is usually a day procedure. An overnight hospital stay is available upon request.

The surgeon fee, hospital fee, and anaesthetist fee all factor into the final price. Each item is billed and invoiced separately.

Dr Bernard Beldholm Meeting with Patient


Dr Beldholm charges a $350 non-refundable consultation fee that goes toward the cost of your procedure. Your private consultation will last an hour and includes Crisalix 3D Imaging so you can virtually “try on” your implants from home before making a decision. You will also be able to try different implant sizers during your appointment. You are welcome to return to the office multiple times to speak with Dr Beldholm and make sure you are happy with your choices at no additional charge.


Dr Beldholm’ surgeon fee includes all of the following:

  • Breast implants
  • Crisalix 3D Imaging*
  • One (1) surgical bra
  • Performing the surgery
  • A Keller funnel to position your implants
  • LED light treatment to promote healing
  • Implants placed above the muscle, below the muscle, or dual-plane
  • Follow-up appointments for the first 12 months after your surgery

The $350 consultation fee you paid previously will go toward your surgery.

Dr Bernard Beldholm Portrait


A licensed anaesthetist will administer general anaesthesia and oversee you during your surgery. The anaesthetist charges a fee for their time in the operating room. This is billed and invoiced separately.


Dr Beldholm performs surgery in a private hospital. The hospital charges a fee that is billed separately. Most operations take place at Hunter Valley Private Hospital, Maitland Private Hospital, or Waratah Private Hospital in Sydney. Any surgery performed in Canberra will incur an extra $1,000 fee due to the higher cost of the hospital in this region. Most patients leave the hospital same-day. An overnight hospital stay will incur an additional $500 charge. After that, normal hospital rates apply.

What else should I know?

Several factors can affect the surgeon’s fee. Dr Beldholm will discuss these with you at your consultation. After you leave, his office coordinator will email you a price quote.

The type of breast implant you choose

Teardrop breast implants cost around $1000 more than round breast implants. The choice of implant that is right for you depends on your clinical presentation and cosmetic goals.

The surgical technique

Breast implants can be placed above the muscle in women with a good amount of fatty breast tissue. Thin and flat-chested patients usually have better results with under-muscle implants. Dr Beldholm may also use a dual-plane technique, which blends the two. Each method varies in complexity; This is reflected in his surgeon fee.

Your physical characteristics

Some patients have pre-existing issues that make placing implants more technically challenging for the surgeon. The time and complexity of these surgeries vary widely. Examples include:

  • Tuberous breasts
  • Breast asymmetry
  • Serious health conditions
  • Previous breast implant surgery
  • Significant ptosis that requires a breast lift and implants

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*Disclaimer: Individual results vary. All surgery carries risks. Seek a second opinion from a qualified physician before proceeding.

*Crisalix 3D Imaging shows optimal results. Actual results may vary.

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