Breast Lift Pricing

We believe in transparent pricing. This avoids surprises and helps our patients prepare financially for surgery.

The total cost of breast lift surgery ranges from $6,990 to $18,990+. The complexity of your breast lift is the main factor that affects pricing. Dr Beldholm’s office will email you a custom price quote after your consultation. The price quote will list three separate costs: the surgeon fee, hospital fee, and anaesthetist fee. If you decide to have surgery, note that each item is billed and invoiced separately.

How is Breast Lift pricing determined?

Keep reading to get a better idea of pricing for different options.

  • A Benelli lift may take less than one hour to perform and is a day procedure. Pricing starts at $6,990 total. This technique is rarely used since many patients have more extensive sagging than this method can address.
  • A vertical lift takes approximately two hours. Some patients may be eligible for a Medicare rebate. The total price will then depend on whether you are covered and can use your private health fund. Insured patients typically pay $8,999+ in total out-of-pocket costs. Uninsured patients start at $12,990+.
  • Breast lift patients with lateral bra rolls may need VASER Liposuction as an add-on procedure. This will add around $1,990+ to the total price.
  • A breast reduction and lift combined may be necessary for patients with overly large breasts and extensive sagging. Dr Beldholm may need to reduce the breasts by one or two cup sizes in order to lift the breasts. This operation usually takes three to four hours. Pricing starts at $13,900+ for privately insured patients seeking a standard reduction. If liposuction is added to the procedure, the cost starts at $14,900+. For patients without insurance, the total out-of-pocket cost starts from $18,990+.
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To receive a price quote, the first step is booking a consultation. Dr Beldholm charges a $350 consultation fee (non-refundable). If you decide to have surgery, this fee will go toward your operation. Your private consultation with Dr Beldholm will last one hour. You may return to his office for further consultations at no extra charge.


A breast lift is a highly personalised procedure. Therefore, it’s impossible to provide an accurate price quote without first speaking to a surgeon and having them examine you. Dr Beldholm will let you know his surgeon fee after meeting with you.

His surgeon fee includes:

  • Crisalix 3D Imaging*
  • One (1) surgical bra
  • LED light treatments
  • Performing the mastopexy surgery
  • Follow-up appointments for the first 12 months

The $350 consultation fee will go toward his surgeon fee.

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Breast lift surgery will require you to undergo general anaesthesia. The anaesthetist charges a fee that is billed and invoiced separately.


Dr Beldholm performs surgery at Hunter Valley Private Hospital, Maitland Private Hospital, Waratah Private Hospital in Sydney, and the hospital in Canberra. If your operation takes place in Canberra, an extra $1,000 fee applies due to the higher hospital costs in this region. Some breast lift patients go home the same day; Others require an overnight hospital stay. Staying overnight in the hospital typically incurs a $500 charge. After that, the usual hospital rates apply. The hospital fee is billed and invoiced separately.

Medicare Rebate

Some patients may be eligible for a Medicare rebate. The rebate may cover the hospital charges and a portion of the surgeon and anesthetist fees. To qualify, patients must meet strict criteria. You can read more about this by clicking on the MBS Item Numbers below.

Tell Dr Beldholm in advance if you plan to pursue the Medicare rebate for breast lift surgery (mastopexy) and/or breast reduction surgery (reduction mammoplasty). He will need to complete paperwork and take pre-operative photographs to support your claims.

MBS Items Number for Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

  • MBS Item Number 4558 – Correction of bilateral breast ptosis by mastopexy

MBS Items Number for Reduction Mammoplasty (Breast Reduction)

  • MBS Item Number 45523 — Reduction mammaplasty (bilateral) with surgical repositioning of the nipple
  • MBS Item Number 45520 — Reduction mammaplasty (unilateral) with surgical repositioning of nipple
  • MBS Item Number 45522 — Reduction mammaplasty (unilateral) without surgical repositioning of the nipple

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