Breast Lift with Implants Pricing

We believe in transparent pricing. This avoids surprises and helps our patients prepare financially for surgery.

The total cost of a breast lift with implants starts at $25,000+. The extent of breast sagging, implant style chosen, and the length of your hospital stay are some factors that can affect pricing. Note that the surgery takes place in two stages. The first operation is to lift the breasts and correct sagging. The second operation is placing the breast implants.

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A breast lift with implants is a highly customised procedure. To receive a price quote, you will need to meet Dr Beldholm for a consultation. He charges a one-hour consultation fee of $350. The fee is non-refundable. However, if you proceed with surgery, the consultation fee will be subtracted from the total cost of your procedure. You will only pay the consultation fee once, even if you return to the office to speak with Dr Beldholm multple times before making a final decision. At the end of your consultation, his office will email you a price quote so you can plan ahead financially if you decide to have surgery.


Dr Beldholm’s staff will email you a price quote after your preliminary consultation. The price quote includes three itemized charges. These charges are the surgeon fee, hospital fee, and anaesthetist fee. If you decide to move forward with surgery, please note that each item is billed and invoiced separately.

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Breast augmentation mastopexy takes place under general anaesthesia. A licensed anaesthetist will administer the anaesthesia and look after you during your operation. The anaesthetist charges a fee based on how long your surgery takes. Note that the anesthetist fee is billed and invoiced separately.


Breast lift and breast augmentation usually require two separate operations spaced a few months apart. Your surgery may take place at Hunter Valley Private Hospital, Maitland Private Hospital, Waratah Private Hospital in Sydney, or the hospital in Canberra. Choosing the hospital in Canberra may trigger an extra $1,000 fee due to the higher hospital costs in this region. Most patients are discharged the same day. If you need to stay in the hospital overnight, a $500 charge may apply. After that, the usual hospital rates will apply. Note that the hospital charges are billed and invoiced separately.


Dr Beldholm charges a fee for his expertise and time in the operating room. His surgical fee includes the following:

  • Crisalix 3D Imaging*
  • One (1) surgical bra
  • LED light treatments during recovery
  • Surgical lifting of the breasts to correct ptosis
  • Surgical placement of two (2) breast implants
  • A Keller funnel to optimally position your implants
  • Follow-up appointments for the first 12 months after surgery

The $350 consultation fee you previously paid will go toward his surgeon fee.

How much is the Surgeon Fee?

Each patient’s surgical plan differs based on their unique cosmetic issues and goals. The extent of breast sagging, the surgical technique, type of breast implants, and whether you have other complicating issues can all affect the surgeon fee. Dr Beldholm strives to offer fair pricing that reflects his qualifications. You will receive a custom price quote via email after your first consultation.

What else should I know?

The cost of breast implants is included in his surgeon fee. It is not a separate charge. However, the implant style can affect how much you pay toward the surgeon fee. Saline implants are the least expensive option. Teardrop implants typically cost around $1000 more than silicone breast implants. The breast implant style that is right for you will depend on your clinical presentation and goals. Dr Beldholm will help you decide what type of breast implants to choose at your consultation.

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*Crisalix 3D Imaging shows optimal results. Actual results may vary.

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