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Feeling dissatisfied with the size of your breasts? Breast augmentation may be an option.

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Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast Implants: Breast implants are prostheses placed into the breasts that come in all shapes and sizes. Dr Beldholm can help you make sense of your options, allowing you to choose a breast implant style that flatters your physique.

How much does Breast Augmentation cost in Australia?

Visit our breast implant pricing page for more details.

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Are breast implants right for you? The only way to find out is speaking with a qualified specialist surgeon. Contact Dr Bernard Beldholm, FRACS to discuss your options and get answers to your questions. Call (03) 7018 1802 or or schedule your appointment online today.

Disclaimer: Individual results vary. All surgery carries risks. Seek a second opinion before proceeding.

Disclaimer: Crisalix 3D Imaging shows optimal results; Actual results may differ.

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