Breast Implant Removal and Replacement Pricing

We believe in transparent pricing. This avoids surprises and helps our patients prepare financially for surgery.

The total cost of breast implant replacement starts at $9,990. This is the starting price for simple implant replacement. Complex revision surgeries (i.e. capsulectomy, implant malposition, ptosis, etc.) typically start at $23,000.

Dr Beldholm’s patient coordinator will email you a price quote after your consultation. The price quote will list three separate charges: the surgeon fee, hospital fee, and anaesthetist fee. Each item is billed and invoiced separately.

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Dr Beldholm charges a non-refundable consultation fee in the amount of $350. If you proceed with the surgery, it will go toward the surgeon fee. Your private consultation will last one hour. After paying the initial fee, you can return to the office for additional consultations at no extra charge.


Dr Beldholm’s surgeon fee includes the following:

  • Crisalix 3D Imaging*
  • One (1) surgical bra
  • LED light treatments
  • Surgical removal of the old implants
  • Placement of (2) new breast implants
  • A Keller funnel to position the new implants
  • Follow-up appointments for the first 12 months

Your $350 consultation fee will go toward the surgeon fee.

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How much is the Surgeon Fee?

Each patient’s surgical plan is unique. Therefore, Dr Beldholm’s surgeon fee can vary. The complexity of your case and preferred style of replacement implants are two factors that can affect pricing. After learning about your goals and determining if any pre-existing issues need to be addressed, he will provide you with a definitive price quote.

Simple Breast Implant Replacement

If your surgery involves correcting minor issues such as breast implant rupture, and everything else is fine, this would be considered a simple implant replacement. This is an outpatient surgery that takes approximately one hour to perform.

Total cost starts at $9990+ (including the surgeon fee, hospital fee, and anaesthetist fee)

What is considered a simple breast implant replacement?

If you have one or more of the following issues, it may be considered a simple surgery:

  • Ruptured breast implant
  • Desiring a smaller or larger implant size

Complex Breast Implant Replacement

Operations requiring a capsulectomy or other significant breast work can take three to four hours. The extra time and surgical expertise will be reflected in the price quote.

Total cost starts at $23,000+ (including the surgeon fee, hospital fee, and anaesthetist fee)

What is considered a complex breast implant replacement?

If you have one or more of the following issues, it may be considered a complex surgery:

  • Capsular contracture
  • Breast implant malposition
  • Breast sagging that requires a breast lift
  • Choosing a different implant style (ex. exchanging round implants for teardrop implants)
  • Choosing a different implant placement (ex. above vs below-the-muscle)

What else should I know?

The cost of new implants is included in Dr Beldholm’s surgeon fee. The implants you choose can affect how much you pay. Teardrop breast implants cost approximately $1000 more than round silicone implants. Saline implants are the least costly option. The style of implant that is right for you will depend on your clinical presentation and aesthetic goals.


A licensed anaesthetist will oversee your surgery and administer general anaesthesia. The anaesthetist charges a variable fee based on how long your operation takes.


Your breast implant replacement surgery will take place at either Hunter Valley Private Hospital, Maitland Private Hospital, or Waratah Private Hospital in Sydney. Dr Beldholm also performs surgery at the hospital in Canberra; If you choose this option, there is an added $1,000 fee due to the higher hospital cost in this region. Most patients go home the same day. An overnight hospital typically incurs an additional $500 charge. After that, the usual hospital rates apply.


A small number of patients may qualify for a partial rebate by applying for an MBS Item Number for Breast Implant Replacement. To qualify, you must meet strict criteria and have private health insurance. Claims can only be made after the surgery has already taken place and after full payment has been rendered. If your claim is approved, Medicare may issue a small rebate that goes toward a portion of the hospital fee and some of the other out-of-pocket expenses.

You must let Dr Beldholm know ahead of time if you plan to pursue a Medicare rebate for breast implant removal and replacement. He may need to take photographs during your operation as evidence to support your claims. Otherwise, your claim may be rejected by Medicare. Photographs are just one of the many support documents you will need to pursue a claim. Consult with Dr Beldholm for more information.

  • MBS Item Number 45553 – Breast Prosthesis Removed with Capsule Excision
  • MBS Item Number 45554 – Breast Prosthesis Removal and Replacement with the formation of the new pocket

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