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Perhaps your breast implants no longer suit you. Whether you’ve changed your mind about the size you chose, had a complication, or desire a different shape, you have options. Take control of your appearance today with breast implant removal and replacement surgery performed by Dr Bernard Beldholm on Darby Street in Newcastle.

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Crisalix 3D Imaging

Preview Your Surgical Results

When you meet Dr Beldholm for your consultation, he will show you a 3D rendering of your expected ‘before and after’ surgical results using Crisalix 3D Imaging.* You can view the images both in his office and from the privacy of your home.

3D breast censored
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What to Expect during the Surgery

The breast implant replacement operation takes place under general anaesthesia at an accredited private hospital. Dr Beldholm will remove the old breast implants and replace them with new ones. He will also perform corrective procedures such as capsulectomy if needed before placing the new implants into position. After checking for symmetry and alignment, he will close the incisions and you will be on your way to begin the recovery process.

How much does Breast Implant Replacement cost in NSW, Australia?

Visit our pricing page for more information.

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There are many reasons a woman might consider breast implant removal and replacement. To learn if the surgery is right for you, schedule a private consultation with Dr Bernard Beldholm. Call (03) 7018 1802 or book online.

Disclaimer: Individual results vary. All surgery carries risks. Seek a second opinion before proceeding.

Disclaimer: Crisalix 3D Imaging shows optimal results; Actual results may differ.

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