Breast Implant Removal Pricing

We believe in transparent pricing. This avoids surprises and helps our patients prepare financially for surgery.

The total cost of breast implant removal starts at $6,990. This is the starting rate for simple implant removal. Complex implant removal that entails capsulectomy, implant replacement, etc., and surgeries involving teardrop implants may incur additional costs.

Dr Beldholm’s office will email you a price quote after your initial consultation. Your price quote will be broken down into three separate charges: the surgeon’s fee, hospital fee, and anaesthesia fee. Each item will be billed and invoiced separately.

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Dr Beldholm charges a non-refundable consultation fee of $350. If you choose to move forward with surgery, it will be subtracted from the cost of your procedure. Your private consultation with Dr Beldholm will last one hour. After paying the initial consultation fee, you may return to the office for further consultations at no extra charge.


Dr Beldholm’ surgeon fee includes all of the following:

  • Surgical removal of the implants
  • LED light treatments to expedite healing
  • Follow-up appointments for the first 12 months after your surgery

The $350 consultation fee you paid previously will go toward the surgeon fee.

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A licensed anaesthetist will supply general anaesthesia and monitor your vitals. The anaesthetist charges accordingly for their expertise and time spent in the operating room.


Dr Beldholm performs surgery at Hunter Valley Private Hospital, Maitland Private Hospital, Waratah Private Hospital in Sydney, and the hospital in Canberra. Any surgery performed in Canberra is subject to an extra $1,000 fee. As an outpatient procedure, most patients return home the same day. An overnight stay may incur an additional $500 charge. After that, the normal hospital rate applies.

Medicare Rebate for Breast Implant Removal

Some patients may be eligible for a rebate from Medicare if they meet certain requirements. The MBS Item Numbers for Breast Implant Removal are 45553 and 45554. A claim can only be made after your surgery has taken place and after you have submitted payment in full. If approved, Medicare will issue a rebate toward the hospital fee and a portion of the surgeon and anaesthetist fees.

Let Dr Beldholm know if you plan to apply for a Medicare rebate during your consultation. He can assist you with the necessary documentation.

  • MBS Item Number 45553 – Breast Prosthesis Removed with Capsule Excision
  • MBS Item Number 45554 – Breast Prosthesis Removal and Replacement with the formation of the new pocket

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